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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Breast Cancer Month

Second blog in 11 months.  No blogging awards coming my way.

As October approaches, the office and I are in full recognition of breast cancer awareness month.  About 40% of my patients are with me for breast cancer reconstruction.  Offing all techniques--implants, flaps, and combinations--has allowed me to tailor the operation to the patient for the most natural/most desirable reconstruction.  This is a very special patient population that I have the pleasure of treating.  I walk through a challenging life experience with the patients, and during that time we both learn much about each other.   The work has been artistic, challenging and rewarding.  The patients have been inspiring.  

I am now doing breast cancer reconstruction at South Jersey Regional Medical Center, Kennedy, and Underwood Hospitals. 

I want to let my breast cancer patients know that they are special to me, and I hope to give some silver lining to their breast cancer cloud.

Dr. B


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who Says You Can't Go Back Home

After being away 23 years, I've moved my family back to southern New Jersey.  Those in Dallas thought us crazy to move back to the northeast, but I've found many have a strong sense of pride about where they live and get upset when someone decides to fly away.  (Those in Los Angeles thought us crazy to move to Dallas, those in Pittsburgh thought us crazy to move to LA, those in NYC thought me crazy to move to Pittsburgh, etc.)  Checking out and drinking in the country has been life changing, but I am looking forward to bringing what I have learned about plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery while training, teaching residents and fellows, and treating patients in some of America's greatest cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh) back to the southern New Jersey communities from which I was raised.  My desire is to bring world-class plastic and hand surgery back to the many great people of this region.  I am happy to  be home and look forward to re-establishing relationships with friends and family while starting new ones as a health care and plastic surgery advocate for many of the region's great people.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!